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So my mom and i finally agree to go to South Korea this november, we already buy the first down payment for Land tour there by One of Touring agency,that will handle everything while we in Seoul, the tour it self will be around 7 days and 6 nights, and it will go backpaker style..at first i was kinda afraid because it actually cost around $550 for the land tour without airplane fares and visa,but if i compare with the whole package tour it will wipping up to $800++, and because i bring my mom i think planning to go with the land tour while we there rather than just wandering around *and stalk my idol there XD*  at least they will show u whre to go and have some destination kinda short way..

after the down payment,me and my mom try to search for a cheap low fare cost airline to take us to seoul..so i'm searching around AirAsia one of the low budget airlines that have a route to Seoul,at first the cost is almost the same with any other airlines so people told me to just chek it everyday because they will give u cheap price suddenly *some people even told me to wait until a month b4 i ask for visa in Korean embassy* but that's to risky and i dont want to wait till that day of course..
so i check the price everyday in my office and one day i found this really cheap price,its just around $120 *from Jkt-Seoul only* and i really need to buy it i guess..but at the time i was kinda hesitated, i told my mom and i just decided i will buy it once i come home..but once i come home and check online,the price is back to around 250 without the tax and anything...so back to square one i guess *lesson learn if u find a cheap price at that time,buy it right away!*

My mom is getting anxious by day *well me to,but we have like almost 5 month to actually buy the ticket..so* one day i sleep together with my  mom *yes sometimes i still sleep with her* and in the morning my mom asking when will we buy the ticket,so i just jump to the computer,and just log in to the website..and yatta i found the cheap AirAsia tickect from Bandung!! *my hometown* not from Jakarta *its actually 100k rupiah cheaper if we but from jkt but to get to jkt will cost us around the same..so my mom said just buy it dear!! and after the tax and seat arrangement the end result *just one way ticket* its around $210 *its consider cheap..i guess* so the departure date its fixed,and now we just need the ticket from Seoul to Indonesia Yayayyaya!!1

actually for the return ticket i really want to buy the China Southern airlines ticket *just bcoz the transit city is in Guangzhou,so i can take a look at WuFan home town even its only the airport*  but the ticket price is always around 360..*for one person* i'm waiting for like 1 month after we buy the departure ticket,and the price isn't moving at all it just went down around 10-20 dollar after that..so i searching in AirAsia again..and they offer me the price around $202 *no tax and baggage* so i decide to buy it 3 days ago, and after all the tax and blabla..it cost us around $280 for one person..so the cost for our ticket is around $500 each person!! *cheaper than the land tour OMG*

so after that.. we just need to pray for the visa application..i hope everything went well without any things in our way for the visa..and finally i can comeback to Seoul again^^ 

Xiumin valentine project

This is my Valentine project for my secret Valentine project in SNCJ 
i hope the one that have my V-day present will be happy
is not perfect *well my ability is flat as my breast like i said b4
But i try... :) hope u like it duijjang
Be my valentine xiumin

“This is ridiculous, but will u be my Valentine??

Now and forever.. “

xiumin dream of you

“I have the swetest dream ever, it’s something i want to treasure forever...”

“I hope this dream will come true...my dream of you...”

XIUMIN i love you

I dont know if u know it

I treasure every time we spend together

I am the luckiest man for sure

I dont know why i deserve you

But i know for sure

That my love for you will be last forever

I love you..my Lov

last day of 2012

decide to write something b4 end of 2012
i never really intend to write bout anything these day,rarely even to touch a pen and paper..
but i dont know melancholy of the day bring me to these
2012 has been..a quite wave for me..some turnover and some gaining also..and of course finally able to finish my education is one of ending and start point for me
i guess after 8 year of study (6 year in campus and almost 2 year in hospital) to be honest im not really sure what is the things that i gain...
it always end up as a feeling of emptiness...because i never knew why i pursuit this,or never know why i didnt quit this..
well i guess i did not quit because my mother constant reminding bout how i can make my father proud,or at least satisfied coz he is now in heaven watching over me,and i believe he didnt want to see his little girl lost the battle in the middle of it..ya i guess that's is 80% of the reason why i never quit my education...20% is just my pride,the fact if i quit i dont what to do after that,heck i dont know what to now after i get the title and degree..i guess it will never be my world..im to selfish i believe..ya..i guess
and i dont feel like my life is changing at all after 26 and half year of my life past (well except for the lost of my father 2 years ago of course)
im still single,still thinking am the most un-attractive girl in my family,still the fat girl that everyone mocking about,still the gilr that let everyone led her life...cause i dont what to do...with my life...
my only salvation is being with something unapproachable like Idol,korea,japan,china things that family and sometimes friends not recognize like it give me a whole new territorial..i dont know...it give me freedom..because i knew in the dept of my heart that i will never be like them..never...*OMG WHATS WRONG WITH ME!!*
well i hope at the end of next year something change..like i really hope i have a new purpose in life..or patner..or anything to spice up my life...anything...
bcoz Kris Wu fan bar will try to send lot of Letter for Kris Birthday, i will try everyday to wright a letter for him since now till the deadline...
i already wright some of it in my blackberry, but i just wright all over again i guess, is kinda hard because english is not my first language and wrighting is not my forte * i prefer reading and listening things* edit : i just copy paste my letter..im not writing in this goo hours...*im jealous with fanfics writer that able to express things that i cant expres in languange of wrightings*

day one : 

Dear Kris
Hai Kris or Yi Fan,or Duiijang, :) I hope this letter will get to your hand in some way..well I hope I'm lucky enough that u willing to read this..:) (b4 everything I should apologize for my grammar,its all over the place,sorry X()
Btw,I haven't introduce my self,my name Indira,I'm older than u by 4 years (u can do the math right?), I'm a doctor (yes I am,I'm not kidding dear), I just graduate from med school this year, and I just so infatuated with u in a very unexplainable way (omg did I wright that XD) 
I can't remember the day I first like u as a fan,probably when your teaser come out, I can't explain how I feel to see that so tall,handsome, with grey hair and piercing gaze guy is walking to a high building,open his arm and jump *i was like what?* but I can't denied is interesting I a way..hmmm
Okay btw,at the end of the day I found out,I was actually falling..for U..yes u make drool for everything u do,esp that catwalk walking airport thing,that u do at least 1 time in a week *u just give me a bunch of drooling moment that I just..enjoyed XD*
I have a soft spot for someone tall,but I'm getting attack even more with that sexy,sultry voice of yours *when u rap in two moons man..I listen to something demonic that makes me want to jump at you Wu Fan!!*
I'm thankful God is very good to makes u come to Indonesia,and bcome opening act in SuJu Concert, I'm screaming much,much louder when u guys on stage btw XD
I can't see u really close bcoz of my lack of ability to choose places in concert! *im just to faraway from* it hurts!!
But then.....


Hi guys!!! *like a have friend who will care bout it,but dont mind*

i decide to do some post,b'coz after grueling 2 week of exam ...
*btw this is gonna be my very last bit of exam in my life as university student so,i'm reall are excited when is over*
I HAVE TWO FULL MONTH B4 GRADUATION *well is not the actual graduation,it call yudisium,the graduation ceremony it self gonna be held in October*

but i'm still juggling between preparation,to come to Teaching Hospital ad Co.Assisten *internship kinda thing*
so i'm still gonna be busy with real life and bla2...

oh in the other Note,Tomorrow i have plan to watch a mini concert of The Wonder Girl!!! *throw confetti*
i'm so happy bcoz at first i thought i'm not gonna able to watch the concert b'coz my friend decide not to come,and i dont have any friend who wants to watch that concert with me,but at very last moment i found saviour that saving me to watch that tiny showcase *bcoz i heard they only gonna sing 5-6 six song* but i'm still so excited b'coz i finally gonna watch Yubin Live!! *oh i love that girl so much!! SO wish me luck guys!! :))

ah,as one of Arashi fan i havent able to pre Order they new album *shame on me*
but the reason is ,money is kinda hard on me now so it have to wait i guess.. X(.

Guys what have u been up to these day??
*beside fangirling,and Giggle bout the boys of course*
Oh finally i have some willingness to wright something *oh my poor grammar ><*
this week i mostly back And forth between Kpop and Johnny's...
a lot of comeback in Kpop world that really makes me excited  *I jUST Hope that dbsk will make a comeback to..as 5 OF COURSE!!*
oKAY the list of Comeback in Kpop world is LOOOOOOOOOOOOONGGGGGGGGG
I MEAN!! last month Is Quen of Kpop Lee Hyo Ri and King of Kpop Rain comeback...*even though personally i only watch Lee HyO rI PERF,rAIN IS JUST NOT MY CUP OF TEA..SORRY*
ONE OF MY FAVE PERF OF COURSE..THE ONE WHEN SHE PERFORM .."Bring it Back" feat Jiyoon 4minute and Bekah AS *YAY my fave girl group!!*

it's fierce!! and just women power!! *even though the song has been slammed with some issue*

THIS Month HOWEVER!! THE lines up of comeback  is getting Long!!!
4Minute have a comeback Today at MCountdown...and also Wonder Girls...dont forget the boys line up we've got MBLAQ,Super Junior *they already daebak btw* and at June we've gOt ss501 ,Seo In young, and many2 more *Se7en and Boa also in the line of comeback*

For 4Minute... I FREAKING LOVE THEIR SONG!!! huh Just catchy and the meaning of the song also fierce!!!
'who's next' feat BEAST is sooooooo Gangsta!! and the rest of the song for their mini album is descent i think *Hyun a rap is getting better,and Jiyoon plus Gayoon voice is GOOD*
for Wonder Girls,the 2 different tears song is good..*typically JYP* But for me the most catchy tune is the part when Ye Eun *or Yenny* sing and Yoobin Rap..the rest of it..still...i dont know...try to hear it for u'r self if u want too...

well for johnny's.....I'm only looking for the ONE AND ONLY..........ARASHI!!!

THEY MONSTER SONG IS NONSTOP PLAYING IN MY COMP.................GOD WHY SO AWESOME *at first it kinda hard to digest the song but,i found that the song just can't get out of my humming tune everyday*
and the PV!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MY oH-CHAN LOOK AWESOME,AND THE MAKING IS SOOOOOOOOOOO FULL of OHMIYA moment!!! ................kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
i cant wait to have a copy of my self  *ya like i have the money*
that's my report between Kpop and Johnny ent...*well it's my own taste of music so...dont take it to serious..this my Journal anyway...*

BTW i need someone to make a new layout for me.........i'm so bad at that kind of things....huffff somebody please.. X((

lazy week..hihihi^^

a lazy bum girl finally post something in her journal hehehe

this week i have to say is full of lazziness!!...(is that a word??)
i mean we have a national break?? as 'HARI RAYA NYEPI' in tuesday..and i spent that day doing dome rafting activity with my friend at Panglayang River.....is Cho awesome!!!
i wish i'll able to post the pict ><
but the result of waking up in The morning and left the house without protection and playing under the sun (and raining at the same time).....MY FACE IS HAVING A SUNBURN FOR GOD SAKE!!!!


there IS a red line across my face....and i believe that red line will be a dark (very dark line) soon hiks TT_TT

but i'm pretty much lucky then some of my friend,they got some bruishes,a cut or worst some kin of dislocation or something...so guys when u go doing some rafting be careful okay!!

but the next day is much more awesome (for my point of view)....i dont have any lecture!! (well the truth is i do have radiology class at 3pm but didnt attend it b'cause..i'm lazy)

and today is cho awesome (again this is for my point of view guys)....i dont have any lecture AGAIN!!!  so it makes me have 3 day of in the row...and it's great!!! HAPPY!!!

i do have some house chores (bcause my maid is 'Pulang kampung')...but i try to enjoy it...

NOW i'm gonna go to my fangirl mode...

i'm really addicted to Ryoda (Ryo-Ueda) recently....well esp they fanfic things....i found it sweet and dorama like...so i love it...

and the result of it,i'm digging a lot of ryoda love prove all over the net (okay that exagerating) but i found they are (fictional) couple that so sweet and sarcastic,rough,different,and unique...wow!!

so 'm also digging to their rel personality,Ueda tatsuya and Ryo nishikido things...

and i just fall again and again,esp to Ueda!! he is sweet and beautiful!!! I LOVE HIM!!
DOESNT MEAn i dont love Ohno any more it just u know,is kinda different b'coz they have a very different personality in front of camera..and  in private life also.....so i love them both equally^^

well i love Ryo also,and his song Code!! wow some great piece their!! i love the meaning of that song so much (but dont know why i love the part when he's shouting hehe).....

the rambling is still a lot,but i guess i'll continue next time....promise will fix this entry with some pict from my trip last Tuesday.....and other pict also..if i remember ><

boring day in my 2 month free day~~

waa...face my 2 month of vacation (probably the last one b4 i'll face co-ass moment)
is boring!!Collapse )

just got to wright this....

lagi iseng browsing video di Utube...stupid..but whoaaaaCollapse )

my daily ....this week

well to be honest..i have a new schedule for almost two weeks...i finally SLAP my self up and go to...(drum roll...) something new...Collapse )